surprising reason why your dog eats grass and what you can do about it

Surprising Reasons Why Your Dog Eats Grass

Why your dog eats grass happens for several reasons. Some of them are normal, some of them not so much.

You might think your dog eats grass because they are sick or stressed out. In most cases this isn’t the case at all! Only in rare circumstances do dogs actually suffer from a nutrient deficiency (like iron) or gastrointestinal issues which cause them to eat grass instead of food.

This article will help you figure out why your dog eats grass and what you can do about it!

Psychological Reasons Why Your Dog Eats Grass

Bored, Stressed or Upset

Boredom, stress and or they are upset can be a reason why your dog eats grass. Dogs can be very similar to humans and they have emotions too. If your dog is not exercised enough, has nothing to do or is just left alone for a long time, he will eat his own hair. If your dog suffers from boredom he starts chewing furniture as well.

Boredom combined with anxiety causes dogs to eat grass in many cases

Instincts Could Be the Cause

Many dogs eat grass and other seemingly weird things to get rid of something they just ate. The dog’s first instinct is to vomit when he feels sick or uncomfortable. If you see your dog vomiting after eating grass, don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal!

They Like The Taste of Grass

While some dogs do actually eat grass because they feel ill, many of them just like the taste or texture of it. Dogs have an acute sense of smell and they are drawn to the scent and taste of fresh grass.

suprising reasons why your dog eats grass & what to do about it.

Physical Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass and Throw Up


Dogs, like us, need to exercise in order for their body and mind to be healthy. If you’ve noticed your dogs eating grass think about how much exercise they are getting. If not enough, then why are you keeping them in the house? Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they have to stay inside all day. They need fresh air and exercise just like us.

Upset Stomach:

If your dog has an upset stomach, they may eat grass in a way to make them throw up. Dogs are known for eating their own vomit and it’s not because they like the taste of it. It is a natural response to get rid of something that doesn’t sit well with them. If you see your dog throwing up or why they eat grass, why not try giving them some pumpkin?

Pumpkin: is a good anti-inflammatory and it can help with digestion. It’s a great food to give your dog when they’re upset or stressed.

Nutritional Deficiency:

If your dog is eating grass because their body feels weak, why not try giving them some organic supplements? Often dogs fed only commercial dog food will suffer nutritional deficiencies, just like humans who live on processed foods. Perhaps even adding in raw bones on occasion will up their energy and overall nutrition. After all dogs were designed to eat raw meat and bones.

A Dietary Response:

If your dog eats grass after eating commercial pet food, why not try changing their diet to raw meat and bones? Dogs have short digestive tracts which makes them unable to digest a lot of foods easily. If you’ve been giving your dog commercial pet food, why not try switching to raw? Your dogs body will thank you!

Stomach Problems Related To Why Your Dog Eats Grass:

It’s important to keep an eye on your dog when they’re throwing up or eating grass. Be sure to contact your veterinarian if your dog has a sudden change in their eating habits. Some dogs will start eating grass because of an underlying digestive condition like indigestion, tummy ache, etc… If you notice your dog eats grass when they aren’t feeling well, why not try getting them some pumpkin and changing their diet to something more natural?

Raw Chicken: why yes! It can be a great addition to your dogs diet. Not only does it taste good and provide essential protein but its very low fat. Raw chicken is also high in minerals like phosphorus which are great for your dogs coat and health.

Pumpkin: why yes! it’s cheap, natural and just as healthy for you as it is for your dog. Helping with digestion and upset stomachs, why not give some to your dog?

Organic Supplements: why yes! Dogs can benefit from organic supplements too. Consider adding some.

When To See A Vet Because Your Dog Eats Grass

If your dog starts eating grass in large amounts, why not see a vet? Eating too much will cause weight loss and nutrient deficiencies. Dogs need to eat healthy foods like grass but only enough for them to get rid of whatever may be upsetting their stomachs. If you notice your dog eating too much and losing weight as a result, why not try changing their diet and giving them organic supplements?

Be sure to keep an eye on your dog when they start eating grass. Some dogs are more prone than others to having an upset stomach, why not try preventing their discomfort by offering them pumpkin and switching to a raw diet? Dogs love the taste of fresh grass but be sure it’s only enough to make them feel better. If your dog eats too much, maybe it’s time to ask a vet for more professional advice.

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